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Water chestnut - Eleocharis dulcis $9.00 Heart Garden Nursery

Water chestnut - Eleocharis dulcis


Currently 6 x 1.5cm corms - This is a bulk pack of 6 corms of water chestnut. This edible treat is very low maintenance, easy to grow and high yielding (1 bulb can produce up to 1kg of food!). Grown in swamp conditions the nutritious underground corms have an appealing crisp but juicy sweet nut like texture and taste. They can be eaten raw (for safety wash well and peel first), or lightly cooked. They are unusual among vegetables for remaining crisp even after being cooked or canned. To store, keep refrigerated until eaten or replanted. Apart from the edible corms, the leaves can be used for cattlefeed, mulch or compost.;

Current Height:6 x 1.5cm corms

Mature Height:100cm



Other sizes for Water chestnut:

Water chestnut - one 1.5cm corm

Water chestnut - 6 x 1.5cm corms