Heart Garden Nursery

Heart Garden Nursery care instructions for mail order plants

Mail orders: what do we do and what do you do?

Our plants are sent bare rooted and posted via Australia Post weekly - this method is the cheapest available, whilst also being fast and reliable. To calculate the postage cost of your purchase please proceed to the shopping cart, you will not be charged until checkout.

It is easy to order online - just view the details of the plants you wish to using the menu above. Click on the plant name or photo to see detailed information on each plants growing conditions and their present size, from there you can "add to cart".

Fill in your address details and chose your payment method: online secure credit card (instant payment), PayPal or Paymate (instant), direct deposit (takes a few days for the payment to come through), or money order.
Please make sure your payment has come through before the close of business Friday to guarantee postage on the following Monday. Delivery takes approximately 1-2 days within Qld, 2-4 for NSW, 3-4 for Vic, and 4-6 business days for SA depending on if you are in the city or the country. To Torres Strait and outlying islands it may take 10 days. Obviously over the Christmas period, or if there are intervening floods or fires the Australian Post schedule will be delayed.

What we do:

On the weekend prior to posting, we remove the plants from their pots and remove some of the dirt. The roots are then wrapped in paper towels, soaked in seaweed solution, and wrapped in a plastic bag - keeping the roots as moist as if they were in their pots. Seaweed solution promotes development of healthy roots and helps protect against shock.

Please remove the plants from the plastic bag but leave the paper towel on when planting.

Often we trim the leaves to lessen the plants burden. Each species is labelled with laminated tags containing information on their growing conditions etc printed especially for Heart Garden Nursery. Your plants are then carefully packed into our custom made boxes and surrounded by newspaper to cushion their experience. We attach an address label stating that live plants are inside so your postie knows what to do. Packed like this they can comfortably enjoy a 5 day trip, and actually will survive weeks in the mail. Please double check your address when you receive the email confirming your order from us.

Sorry we cannot send overseas or to W.A., N.T. and Tas as quarantine regulations require the use of chemicals (which we don't do).

What you can do:

Upon receiving your plants you can put them in pots straight away and its as easy as that! You may wish to water them in well with a weak seaweed solution (half strength). Do not fertilise with anything other than slow release granules until they have settled into their pot for at least a month. Note they are sent bare rooted - so to get the dirt back in between the roots tap the pot a few times, water in, add more dirt, etc.

If you are planting straight out into the garden, please wait until the afternoon. The lack of direct sun will help your plants make the transition from parcel to garden much easier. You can leave them in their plastic bags for a few days until you are ready (just sprinkle some water into the bags if the roots are drying), or you may wish to soak them in a bucket (or bathtub, depending on size of your order!) of weak seaweed solution (half strength). You can use this to water them in.

Please leave the paper towel on your plants, it will quickly decompose and please plant to the depth of just covering the paper towel. Protect from direct sun for a few weeks and water every 1-2 days, then reduce watering gradually. Do not fertilise with anything other than slow release granules or diluted worm castings for at least a month. When planting out into your garden, we recommend paying attention to the difference in climate between your home and our subtropical nursery: if you receive your plants in winter when frosts are likely please pot your plants up, keep protected, and wait to plant out until the spring.

The maximum size parcel Australia Post will take is 1m long, so this is the maximum height of the plants we can post (including their roots). Please contact us for the availability of more mature stocked items (e.g. 1m high palm trees of many species in 300mm pots).