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Jaboticaba seeds - Myrciaria cauliflora

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Currently 10 seeds - 10 fresh seeds are in this pack. The Jaboticaba (also called Jabuticaba or Brazilian Grape Tree) is a very unusual tree native to Brazil whose fruits are formed directly on the trunk and branches. The grape or even lychee tasting fruit has a thin astringent purplish black skin, with a sweet white fleshy pulp and can be eaten fresh or be used to make jellies and drinks (plain juice or wine).

Classified as a large shrub or small multibranched evergreen tree, the jaboticaba has dense foliage and is quite ornamental although slow growing. Up to four times a year (often after heavy rain) small yellow-white flowers followed by the fruit dramatically emerge directly from the trunks, limbs and large branches. It is this quality which makes the jaboticaba very useful as an exotic edible hedge in small yards - as it can be pruned to shape with no loss of fruit. Jaboticabas may begin to bear fruit anytime from 4 to 10 years old.

Only one plant is needed to grow fruit, but a few close by enhance crop yield via cross pollination.

Traditionally, the sun-dried skins have been used as a treatment for asthma, diarrhea, and gargled for chronic inflammation of the tonsils.

Pronounced jar-botty-car-ba.;

Current Height:10 seeds

Mature Height:500cm



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Jaboticaba seeds - 10 seeds

Jaboticaba - Grape Tree - 10cm high