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Cardamom Ginger - Alpinia nutans $5.00 Heart Garden Nursery

Cardamom Ginger - Alpinia nutans


Currently small rhizome - Sent as a rhizome with new growth.

Cardamon/Cardamom is grown for its foliage, which is edible as well as attractive and fragrant when bruised or crushed. Great as a tropical looking screen. It is related to the ginger, and has the same clumping habit, though the root is not usually used. There are many genera called by the name cardamom, this species does not produce cardamom seed pods. However, the leaves can be used in cooking e.g. to wrap food in to flavour it, add to sweet desert rice, or even make a cup of tea!;

Current Height:small rhizome

Mature Height:200cm


Hardiness:Moderate to Drought

Other sizes for Cardamom Ginger:

Cardamom Ginger - small rhizome

Cardamom Ginger 200mm pot - 30cm high