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Bromeliad - McWilliams - Neoregelia McWilliamsii $7.00 Heart Garden Nursery

Bromeliad - McWilliams - Neoregelia McWilliamsii

Normally $7.00 NOW $4.20

Currently 15cm - A wonderful landscaping bromeliad, very easy to grow, without harsh spines like many other species. Pups are developed on long stolons, plant at the base of a tree and watch them climb up!. The pups are green until they mature to the bright red centre.

Very hardy and beautiful, bromeliads handle life differently than other plants. Most are epiphytic, their roots are little more than supports or hold-fasts. Their leaves do most of the work. The leaves form a tank to collect and hold moisture. These tanks also catch the leaves discarded by the trees towering over them. As the detritus decays, the bromeliad leaves absorb the nutrients. Bromeliads are adapted to making do with few resources and they do it very well.

A fauna refuge: create a sanctuary for little frogs in the water-filled well of the Bromeliad. To use as a habitat for frogs, plant in a shady spot around a water feature (or up a tree) and remember to keep the vessel of the plant topped up with water.;