Cordyline - Rubra - Cordyline fruticosa - $16.00

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200mm pot
80cm high current size
Hardiness: Drought
Mature Height: 300cm
Spread: 100cm


The cordyline is a hardy plant that provides colour 365 days of the year. Rubra is mainly red and pink with green highlights. It is also known as the good luck plant - its tough nature makes a great gift. With its magnificent lush foliage is a must for the tropical garden inside or out. It makes an excellent container plant as it can be easily pruned to shape, but is also beautiful as an understory or feature plant out in the garden. Fragrant white flowers are followed by bright red berries. Also known as Ti plant.


Full sun to part shade, avoid heavy frosts. For indoor pots: Cordylines like being pot bound but can be repotted every second or third year. Do not water on leaves because they will spot. Oiling leaves should also be avoided. Less water is needed in winter. Feed every two months with a mild liquid fertiliser. Will tolerate low light, likes artificial light. Prefers a warm temperature with winter minimums between 4 to 7 Celsius. Needs good drainage.

Outdoors: Prefers semi shade but can tolerate full sun (however, leaves may loose colour and edges burn). Apply sulphate of potash for more vibrant colors.


Cordyline - Rubra