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140mm pot
15cm high current size
Hardiness: Less
Mature Height: 100cm
Spread: 60cm


Spathiphyllums are related to Anthuriums. All species require normal warmth, a moist atmosphere and ample watering during their period of active growth. Their white flowers provide a striking contrast against the dark glossy leaves. The fragrant blooms may appear at any time in congenial conditions, but most freely in late spring to early summer. The plants are surprisingly tolerant of room conditions, yet sudden changes in temperature may damage the plant.


Part shade to deep shade. For pots: they will grow and flourish in almost any well drained soil - e.g. a good commercial soil mix containing peat moss, bark and sand. Allow soil to dry between waterings. Requires good drainage. Warmth and humidity are essential - spray the leaves frequently. Position the pots in good light. Feed with a liquid fertiliser all year round - every two weeks from spring until late summer, monthly at half strength at other times. Reduce the amount of water in winter. Repot every year in spring. The leaves should be periodically cleaned with a soft, moist cloth.


Mites, scales and mealy bugs can attack the indoor plant - place outside in the shade to rejuvenate.
Peace Lily