Heliconia - Strawberries and Cream - Heliconia psittacorum - $9.00

0mm pot
Thin rhizome current size
Hardiness: Moderately
Mature Height: 200cm
Spread: 200cm


Sent as a rhizome with new growth.

A brightly coloured red and yellow heliconia with an upright flower spike held high above the leaves. Great for the tropical look and to bring instant colour and height to your garden.

Common names for the genus include lobster-claw and false bird-of-paradise, the latter from their close similarity to the bird-of-paradise flowers. Heliconia flowers are mostly hidden by the large, colourful specialised leaves called bracts. Thriving in full sun to semi-shade, the bracts may be produced most of the year but more particularly in the warmest months. Individual inflorescences last for many weeks, even when cut, making them an important cut flower for the floral trade. Heliconias are related to bananas, cannas and gingers and traditionally have been included in the Banana Family.


Best in a semi shaded area as an understory plant - however can handle part shade to full sun (but leaves may burn). Shelter from wind and frost. While one plant is not very wide, they do eventually spread, so plant them in a place where they have room to grow, as you should dig up some members of the clump when it becomes crowded after a few years. Winter time is best to dig them up. After transplanting, water once then do not water until the surface soil is dry to the touch. It is very important that you do not keep the soil too wet. You can cut them right down to the ground every winter to tidy them up, or leave them alone.


Heliconia - Strawberries and Cream