A Gift that grows

Christmas is hard enough, but giving a gift that grows more beautiful every day is one your loved ones will remember forever. Here at Heart Garden Nursery we want to make it easy for you.

Our Christmas gift to you

All of our gift cards cost you much less than you might imagine. Our $100 card costs you only $75, our $50 card is $40, our $20 card is $15 and $10 card is only $8.  

Send a gift of plants

If you know what plants you'd like to send, just let us know they're a Christmas Gift during checkout, make sure you specify the postal address the plants are going to and we'll send a christmas card as well as wrapping the box in beautiful christmas wrapping paper.. Can you imagine the look on your loved one's faces when they see their beautiful gift arriving in their letter box - wrapped and ready for them to plant?  

One at a time please

We're sorry but if you are doing a few gifts please process them one postal address at a time so we get the details correctly for you.  

Choose your gift card