Galangal - Alpinia galanga - $10.00

140mm pot
rhizome current size
Hardiness: Semi to Drought
Mature Height: 200cm
Spread: 100cm


Of the 4 gingers referred to as Galangal, the common name for Alpina galanga is "Greater Galangal". The rhizome (root) is very popular in Asian cooking and has a flavour similar to ginger but a little softer. The dark green leaves emit a pleasant spicy fragrance when brushed and bring a tropical feel to the garden or patio with their lush clumping foliage.

Sent as one bare rooted rhizome.


Full sun to part shade. Needs well draining soil or potting mix. Leave to establish for at least 6 months before harvesting the roots around the edges. Or you can dig up the entire clump after flowering (about every 3 years) to harvest/store/replant. Although it can handle almost drought conditions when left alone, if you plan to harvest the roots it will need regular watering. Does not handle heavy frost.


In heavy soils the roots may rot - plant on a mound and/or incorporate a lot of organic material into the soil before planting in clay soils.
Sent as one bare rooted rhizome." Title="Galangal, Alpinia galanga">