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Cardamom Ginger (Alpinia nutans)
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This ginger is now:


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When mature this ginger is:
Hardiness Moderate to Drought
Height 2m
Spread 1m


Description: Sent as a rhizome with new growth.

Cardamon/Cardamom is grown for its foliage, which is edible as well as attractive and fragrant when bruised or crushed. Great as a tropical looking screen. It is related to the ginger, though the root is not usually used. There are many genera called by the name cardamom, this species does not produce cardamom seed pods. However, the leaves can be used in cooking e.g. to wrap food in to flavour it, add to sweet desert rice, or even make a cup of tea…

Care: Plant in part shade and protected from wind. If in a pot, use a loose, well-drained potting soil and a pot big enough for the plant to expand a bit. Repot or divide as needed. Dead leaves and stalks should be trimmed out to the ground periodically, for best growth and appearance. Protect from frost, but can handle below zero temperatures.
Let the soil dry slightly between waterings. Give bright light but avoid hot sun. Apply any balanced fertilizer about once a month. After the plant has filled in and has over ten sets of leaves, you can safely cut foliage. Simply crushing, boiling in an open pot or heating will release the spicy aroma; take care not to burn leaves when heating.





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