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Croton (Codiaeum variegatum)
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This shrub is now:


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15cm high   current size

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When mature this shrub is:
Hardiness Drought
Height 3m
Spread 1m


Description: Create a bold statement with their attractive, leathery leaves which are strikingly coloured and variegated. There are many variations in leaf shape and size with colours ranging from vibrant yellows, oranges, reds to purples usually all on the same plant. Mass together plants for a vivid display. Tiny star-shaped insignificant, yellow flowers are produced intermittently throughout Autumn. In tropical or subtropical climates grow similar types in a row as a colourful hedge or screen, or use as an accent plant in part shade. Grows well in containers. Foliage colour intensifies in Autumn.

Note: limit of 10 per customer thanks.

Care: Full sun to part shade. Best in fertile moist well-drained soil - but will tolerate dry conditions. INDOOR CARE: Thrives in a warm climate and should be kept at a temperature of between 15 - 21 degrees Celsius, but will endure higher or lower ranges for reasonable periods. Prefers a sunny position indoors which receives unobstructed, direct sunlight. Feed with a standard liquid fertiliser in Spring. The Croton may loose its leaves when stressed but the strong trunk holds a lot of nutrients and it will reshoot when conditions are better. Note: may cause contact dermatitis if eaten/played with by pets or children.


Pests/Diseases: Indoor plants may get mealy bugs - take outdoors for a week. You can remove them by hand, or spray with white oil.



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