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Hi and welcome to the Heart Garden online mail order nursery, Baffle Creek, Queensland.

Because we are selling direct to you we can offer wholesale prices on most items, even if you buy just one plant - check out our prices!


Use the menu above to check out free detailed information on drought hardy plants, natives, indoor plants, groundcovers and more... See our entire plant list for many more hardy and colourful plants suited to a range of conditions from tropical to temperate.

JaboticabaPurchasing is easy - just click on the plant name to read about it (including growing notes and current size) and click to order. We mail via Australia Post within Australia except W.A. Tas. and N.T.


All postage and discounts will be automatically calculated before you pay or enter any personal details upon checkout. PLEASE NOTE we combine postage, so after the first plant postage costs per plant will massively decrease.


 We have secure online credit card facilities, or if you prefer you can send us a money order.


We can also deliver large orders of over $200 to your door for free along the main route from Bundaberg to Brisbane 


We are organic and practice a policy of 'no harm' in our nursery (living creatures even pests are not killed).

When you order our retail plants with a value of $100 or over you will receive a 10% discount, whilst over $300 receives a 20% discount. Repeat customers become "heart garden friends", entitled to a further discount on purchases.

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Gift ideas:

A plant makes a wonderful gift whose growth throughout the years will always be a reminder of you!

At checkout fill out your recipients name & address as the delivery details, with your email. Then just email us your name & short message so we can include it on a laminated tag.


What's in the news:

How potted plants improve indoor air quality University of Technology Sydney July 2013

“We have found that the capacity of indoor plants to remove VOCs from the air is fantastic,” says Dr Torpy. “And it is easy. Put a couple of plants in your office and they are gone.” The plants also help stabilise humidity and temperature, and reduce noise and dust levels.


Plants 'Talk' To Each Other ScienceMag.org May 2013

The word in the garden is that basil is good to have around. Plants are known to communicate with each other via shade, aromatic chemicals, and physical touch, promoting processes such as growth and defense against disease, as well as attraction of bees and other pollinators. ...[Researchers] planted common chili pepper seeds near a basil plant, with barriers that prevented the basil from deploying its usual growth-promoting tricks. Despite the separation, chili seeds germinated faster when basil was a neighbor ...[suggesting] a new type of communication between plants, possibly involving nanoscale sound waves, traveling through the dirt to bring encouraging "words" to the growing seeds"


Fungus network 'plays role in plant communication' BBC News May 2013

"Plants can communicate the onset of an attack from aphids by making use of an underground network of fungi, researchers have found."


The sensory world of plants New Scientist August 2012

"Some people may not be comfortable describing what plants do as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. They certainly lack noses, eyes, ears, mouths and skin, but in what follows, I hope to convince you that the sensory world of plants is not so very different from our own."

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Note we do not send overseas. Only AUSTRALIAN orders please, and sorry no W.A., Tas., or N.T.


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